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How to provide us key words


We are very welcome to provide our team with keywords, more keywords can help us to learn more about the foreign trade market. At the same time, we will publicize nearly 100 free customer resources to you to try after you provide keywords.

It should be noted that it is easy for us to provide our products as keywords, which is good and correct. But in fact, we can more stand in the perspective of customers to understand our customers.

For example, if I’m a sheep herder and my product is mutton, can I search my potential customers through the keyword “mutton”, of course, I can search some of them, but what are more of my potential customers doing? More of our potential customers won’t advertise that he offers mutton. Our customers are more likely to provide barbecue, food, dumplings, hotpot, restaurant and other industries.

All we should be more standing in the perspective of customers to search customers, think carefully, what our customers are!

Then send an email to us (manager@wmdir.com), we will email you the most fresh part of the customer information as soon as we dig out the keywords you provide. You can contact these customers as soon as possible. (usmanager@wmdir.comually the first impression is the most impressive!!!) And then in a few days, we’ll be announcing it to other subscribers of our website.

This is the end of Free resources. Send an email to tell us your customer industry, Then You can get an extra 100 customers for free!