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Our Notice

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We sell 50USD for every 100 potential customers, which is a very competitive price. Every customer’s data is mined by our search of the mountain and the sea. 50USD and 100 pieces are really conscience prices.

We do not guarantee that every customer resource is effective, but there must be many customers close to your industry in the 100 customer data, even if only one customer can make a single, it is also a very big business opportunity.

We have 200 free customer resources attached to each keyword. If you don’t like these free customer resources, please don’t buy follow-up resources.

The earlier the purchase is, the more cost-effective it is. We are a new project in operation. The more front purchasers are, the more likely they are to get the freshest customer consultation. These customers are more likely to be moved. The more back purchasers, the more people develop this customer, and the value will gradually decrease

Each company (based on the application form with official seal sent by email of the company’s mailbox) can apply for 250 customer directories worth 125 USD at a time free of charge. Confirm the value before purchasing other customer information.

This is the end of Free resources. Send an email to tell us your customer industry, Then You can get an extra 100 customers for free!