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The pain points of finding customers with Search engine


Search engine is a good source of customers.

First of all, most of the customers we search are active. There are customers who publicize what they are doing on the Internet.

Secondly, as long as we find the customer’s main station, we can roughly know who the customer is, what to do, and where the demand point is; then we recommend products to customers specifically, which is easy to impress customers.

Finally, the customers that search engines find are passive, which is unlikely to compare the price with group inquiries on B2B platform, so this kind of customers are relatively loyal.

Although search engines have these advantages in finding customers, they also have a lot of pain points.

The customers I search are basically the same as the customers my competitors search, which makes every customer that I search walk around the other suppliers’ mouths every day

  1. Even though search engines search by various means, the final results are very limited. Generally, a keyword will not exceed 100 useful customers.
  2. More than 100 competitors come to grab no more than 100 customers, and the final result is pure luck, because every customer actually receives a pile of junk e-mails every day. No matter how excellent your products are, no matter how much promotion letters you put your mind to, they are all buried in the garbage.

Then How to solive it?

  1. All of our customers are not from search engines. You can see that most of our customers are not found in search engines. In this way, all the customer resources you buy can be unique.
  2. Every keyword search result of us has at least thousands of customers in the whole network to match.
  3. The list of resources obtained by very few people corresponds to thousands of customers, from which everyone can dig out a lot of valuable loyal customers.
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